Thursday, March 27, 2014

April Rosetta - Hairstylist at Luxe DeVil Salon

Today ADC is featuring April Rosetta originally from right here in Denver, CO. 

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When did you first realize that you wanted to pursue this career? 
I've always been the one to do my friends hair, but what really got me into it was mortuary science. I went to school for hair, because a lot of funeral homes were looking for people to have beauty experience as well. I was going to do hair to put me through mortuary science, but I completely fell in love with doing hair on the living that I decided to stay put. There’s nothing like making someone feel beautiful and I really love what I do. I pretty much get to paint on a live canvas all day.

What sort of problems do you run into doing this type career? 
 The biggest problems I face is my body. Its a very demanding job. My shoulder kills me, my back is pissed every day, I have tendentiousness and carpel tunnel starting. I’m on my feet for at least 8 hours a day. However I’m not made for a “office” job. I don’t like to sit still all day. (Unless its my day off) 

What are some of the biggest enjoyments you find from doing what you do?
 I love making people feel beautiful. I love when I see someone walk out with their head held higher. I also get the chance to be artistic with hair.

Do you have any advice to people that want to do or get into what you do? 
Love what you do. If you don’t love it this is not for you. You will have times you feel like a starving artist but stick with it, hustle, get your name out there and produce excellent work and it will all pay off. Always educate yourself. You will never stop learning. 

Who or what inspires you?
Everyone inspires me. My clients, other hairstylists/barbers. Most of all my son, Vincent. He inspires me to do my best, so I can provide him with the best. I love my unemployed roommate so much. He is my rock.

What do you love most about Denver?  
I love the mountains. The sunsets are beautiful with the mountains. Fall here is also very pretty and the people here are pretty laid back, downtown I like, because there is people from all walks of life. 

What is your favorite Denver Brewery or Bar?

One of my favorites is sobo 151. Drinks are awesome and food is great! 

Who is your favorite Horror Film Character?

Oh! To many to say but some of my top ones are pinhead, Freddy, Samara, firefly clan, Dracula, and my own dreams. 

Do you have a favorite local band that you love to watch in concert? 
I loved the bloody fives, native daughters, widows bane. Haven’t been to a local show in a while, so I’m not sure who is all out there right now.

Where is your business located and where can we stalk you?
Luxe DeVil Salon is located at 657 Santa Fe Drive in the Art District. 303-953-9486. You can stalk me at

Do you have any sweet deals for the readers?

I offer deals and discounts on my facebook page, so go give that a “like” message me on the page and mention Alternate Decision and I’ll give 10% off!

Lastly do you want to give any shout outs to anyone?
I’ll give a shout out to my LDV crew, you guys rock! My Tawyna, My hetero life mate Jess and the most excellent person ever on this planet. Mr Vincent Price, my unemployed roommate and son.