Thursday, March 27, 2014

Eddie Suicide - Lead Singer of Royal Dead

Today ADC is featuring Eddie Suicide
Born & Raised in Denver, CO.
Royal Dead - One of the best local Denver shows you will ever witness.

When did you first realize that you wanted to make music? 
It's always been a way for me to vent. I feel it's good to express yourself. I'm not good at talking, so I found myself hiding behind a guitar, but being able to tell one person how I felt even though I was talking to a crowd.

What inspires you or who inspires you?
I think my family is the main one, but growing up I wanted to be David Bowie, Billy Idol and Johnny Cash. I found what they did was fascinating. How they grabbed peoples attention and held it while they sang about heart ache and just told stories.

What gets you motivated to do what you do each day? 

What sort of problems do you run into doing this sort of career? 
Not enough touring. Its a huge part of being in a band and making music.

What are some of the biggest enjoyments or pleasures you find from doing what you do?Seeing people singing royal dead songs is the best thing when we play live. Somebody once told me they connected with one of our songs when they recently got out of a relationship. I been there before so I know what they were saying. I never thought somebody would say that about one of my songs.

Do you have any advice to people that want to do or get into what you do? 
Don't do it for the money, do it for your art to come to life and for the people who enjoy it. 

What is your favorite Denver Brewery?

Who is your favorite Horror Film Character?
FRANKENSTEIN, because he was a monster that just wanted to be loved. 

Do you have a favorite local band that you love to watch in concert?
Wow that is a hard question to answer. Denver is full of so many great bands. I couldn't possibly pick just one. If I had to suggest to somebody I would tell them "go check out every band Denver has to offer, cause this city is bumpin with talent"

Where can we stalk you?  
Twitter: @Royaldead

Lastly do you want to give any shout outs to anyone?
To all that fight to give all of ourselves to our art and work. The Struggling artist, The blue collar workers with the blistered hands providing for their families.