Thursday, March 27, 2014

Vicki Francia - Full Time Medical Assistant and Part Time Model

Today ADC is featuring Vicki Francia originally from Reading, Massachusetts.

Vicki in our logo hat and our Supply & Demand top.

When did you first realize that you wanted to pursue these two separate careers?

What made me decide to pursue this is that I am really into blood and guts, so I thought I would get into the medical field and as far as modeling I was always told I should model, so back when I was 15 my parents put me in a modeling school called John Casablancas and here I am!

What inspires you or who inspires you?

Any strong minded individual who stands up in what they believe in is what truly inspires me.

What gets you motivated to do what you do each day? 

What motivates me is knowing that I have a very mothering nature and I enjoy helping people. Weather it be having a conversation or drawing someone's blood to see why they haven't been feeling well internally.

What sort of problems do you run into doing this sort of career? 

One big problem in career is finding a good job. It is very hard to find a job as a medical assistant.

Do you have any advice to people that want to do or get into what you do? 

Some advice that I would give is never turn something you are passionate about into a "job" keep it fun and every day is completely different from the last day. 

What is your favorite Denver Brewery?

I haven't been to many, but Trve or Black Sky.

Who is your favorite Horror Film Character?


Where is your business located and where can we stalk you?  

Instagram: @vickifrancia

Lastly do you want to give any shout outs to anyone?

Of course my awesome Mom & Dad